12-Point Guide to Guest Posting

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I’m over at Joe’s blog today, The Write Place. Come check it out! Here a little teaser from my guide to guest posting:


What’s the point?

Guest posting provides benefits to the guest, the host and the followers. It’s all about exposure.

1. The followers of the blog get new content from a fresh source. (And will hopefully find another blogger to enjoy and follow.)

2. The guest will get access to new followers and gain exposure for his or her own blog or web site, which will hopefully create new, lasting followers.

3. The host gets a day off from posting (and let’s face it, sometimes writing content is hard). Usually, guests will also post on their own site and social media outlets directing followers to the guest location. More traffic for the host site!

But it’s not only about exposure. It’s also about making new connections and building a network, which brings me to the next section. How do you go about guest posting?


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