2 Methods to Keep You Writing Forever

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I’m off visiting a friend today! Come over to Christina Weigand’s blog where I talked about inspiration for writing and how to never run out of things to write about.

Here’s a little teaser:

Writers often talk about inspiration as an elusive thing that must be caught. They wait for the muse. Some even make appointments and sit at their writing desks everyday so the muse knows when to show up. If he/she/it doesn’t, the writer is blocked.

I’ll tell you a secret. (The muse and the block are myths.)

I know it sounds outrageous, but I think we’re going at this wrong. The second we put emphasis on something outside ourselves—a muse, a block—we give ourselves permission to NOT write. I have found that even when I feel completely idealess, if I just write something, ideas start to flow.

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