Book Release: Winter Wishes Anthology

Winter Wishes

I’m excited to announce a brand new anthology out just in time for winter and the holiday season! The Winter Wishes Anthology features short stories by 18 authors, and all the proceeds benefit the Make-A-Wish foundation. The stories are aimed at a young adult audience.

I even have a story in the book! And, AND!! I did the cover :)

Here’s a preview of my story, “Super,” about a teen struggling to cope with her superpowers and the temptation to use them for wrongdoing:

     Most people probably think having a superpower is all amazing and gives you instant hero status, plus fame and fortune. Well, I know from experience, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, I’m pretty sure it ruined my life.

     I flex my stiff and cold fingers inside my knitted gloves. This coat isn’t warm enough and neither is my hat. My neck, for some reason, is sweating despite the cold, burning where my scarf irritates it.
     I look up at the tall building across the street. Gotta be at least 30 stories high. I’m sure it’s all offices and boring stuff. They never put anything good in skyscrapers. Wasted opportunity if you ask me.

     I used to be one of those people that wanted a superpower. I read comics with my friends when I was a little girl. I’d think, man, if only I could fly or stop cars with my bare hands, then my life would be awesome.
     Like somehow the ability to soar to the clouds or grow knives from my knuckles would bring my parents back together or make kids at school stop making fun of me. Right.

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