Book Review: Clear Skies, Deep Water by Beth Peyton

Clear Skies, Deep Water

This is the charming memoir of Beth and her husband, Jeff, as they faced one of the most difficult times in their lives and found comfort in a small town on the lake.


What starts out as humorous—watching Beth and Jeff blend families together after divorces—becomes heartbreaking. I enjoyed the stories of life on the lake, but when Beth started describing their horrific year—losing both mothers and their business—I was in tears.


The people in the book are written in a way that makes them real and interesting. They felt so real to me that when deaths, illness, or moves occurred, it touched me like it happened to a friend. Beth had me cracking up in scenes like the one where she learns to drive the boat.

Writing Quality

Beth’s writing is clear and smooth and she writes in a way that makes everyday life and events vivid and interesting. I loved the descriptions of the lake and the events that took place—especially all the food! (Made me hungry.)


From laughing to crying, this book kept me turning pages. It made me want to live in a town as small as Maple Springs, where everyone knows everyone and shares their lives together. It’s more like one big family than a town of strangers, like so many are today. I didn’t think places like Maple Springs still existed.

I have met and talked to Beth a handful of times (I also did her website, and I can see every bit of her funky spirit coming through in this book.

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