Crazy Week of Releases and Writing

Ever have one of those weeks where everything happens all at once? Well! On top of the FOUR Halloween events the kid had last weekend, it was also the start of NaNoWriMo, and I had three different releases! On November 1, a video and two of my short stories were released.

First, here’s some cuteness. The kid in her Twilight Sparkle costume, made from scratch by yours truly.

In this video, recorded for the Facebook group, The Dragon’s Rocketship, I battle it out with co-host Thomas Manning to see which is really better–print books or ebooks. There’s even a writer zombie!

My short story, “10 Items or Less,” which was originally published in 10: Carlow’s MFA Anniversary Anthology, was released as a video/audiobook read by me through the audio literary magazine, Bad Actors: Writers With Microphones. In this story, a boyfriend must battle long lines and social constructs in order to appease his demanding girlfriend.

My short story, “Where Happiness Dies,” was published in the anthology, The Dragon’s Rocketship Presents: The Scribe’s Journal. This story is the unexpected adventure of a man who travels to a hidden world, only to find it nearly destroyed by the dragon who rules it.
Get The Scribe’s Journal on ebook or paperback here:


There’s also an epic 20-book giveaway going on at The Dragon’s Rocketship, so check it out!
And now I’m back off to NaNoWriMo, where my mystery novel awaits completion! My word count is more than on target at over 16k on day 7!

Are you doing NaNo? How’s your writing coming along?

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