Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths… I was born with a pen.

Okay, so maybe not literally, but it sure feels like that! I started writing silly poems as a child and moved onto stories in elementary school, where I had my first writing accomplishment of two published books in the school library. (Don’t get too excited, they accepted everything).

I never stopped writing, but became more serious in 2010, when I wrote two awful novels and then enrolled in the MFA of creative writing program at Carlow University. (This program is absolutely amazing. Highly recommend it. Highly.) I graduated in 2015 and have been unstoppable ever since!

I write like a fiend and read like a maniac and always have multiple projects happening at once. Most of my fiction contains some element of fantasy/sci-fi/supernatural/paranormal, though I’ve been known to write in many genres. I have more than 6 short stories published.

Between writing and reading, I do web sites, ghostwriting, and most anything book-related: editing, marketing, formatting, book cover design, etc. I am a freelancer living the dream life and working wherever I can find an outlet and internet connection. I’m the mother to a daughter who inherited every one of my silly genes. My current obsession is CrossFit (and the first rule of CrossFit is you ALWAYS talk about CrossFit–you’ve been warned!). I am a cat person. Nough said. I also make stuff out of books. I pretty much go from one creative outlet to another, which makes me rather strange and interesting.

I’ve been told that I am “uniquely unique” and “more entertaining than cable.” Also, I tend to talk a lot ;)