NaNo Journals Week 1: Hitting the 10,000 Word Mark


It’s been one whole week of NaNoWriMo. So far, I’m loving it! Here’s my recap.

NaNo Day 0:

It’s the night before NaNo starts, and I’m all keyed up and excited. I’ve been thinking on these characters and their story for over a month, and am more than ready to set them free. It was hard to hold back and wait. I lay (or lie—I never get that one right!) down to go to sleep and this little poem popped into my mind.

Twas the Night Before NaNo

‘Twas the night before NaNo when all through the house
Not a finger was typing, not clicking a mouse
The file was created on my laptop with care
In hopes that 50,000 words soon would be there
My child was nestled all snug in her bed
While snippets of dialogue danced in my head
And me in my sweatpants with my character map
Had just settled down for an 8-hour nap
When there in my mind there arose such a clatter
I turned to my clock, but it still didn’t matter
With a sigh I lay down, and I shut my eyes tight
Three more hours til NaNo, so for now a good night!

Ha ha! Clearly, I’m not a poet, but every once and a while something poem-like comes out. I’m a tad nervous about NaNo, only because I haven’t started yet, and there’s always that moment’s pause of—what if this story falls apart in a few pages? Usually that nervousness fades very quick as I start to write, but having to wait a month has dragged that usually inconsequential moment out.

I also haven’t been able to come up with my opening sentence, despite weeks of thinking about it, though I do know where I want to start.

I will try to sleep. I need to get a good night’s sleep to start off right, plus I have a 6-hour drive in the evening.

NaNo Day 1:

My plan was to get up a half hour early, at 5:45 a.m., being that day 1 was a weekday. This did not happen. Instead, I woke up over an hour earlier than my scheduled time. For about seven minutes, I tried to go back to sleep. I very quickly decided that I could either lay there, trying to sleep for a half hour despite my building excitement, or I could just get up and start writing. I chose to write. By 6:15 a.m., I had 823 words down. Off to work and at my lunch break, I logged another 788 words. I then drove six hours.

The Nephew

I was bummed to realize that the first weekend of NaNo I would be off visiting family. With weekends being my primary writing days, this would mean starting out behind. But, it’s a nephew thing, so there was no choice, even if it also meant missing opening night of Ender’s Game. See how much I love that kid! And who wouldn’t! He’s so freaking adorable :) I fully intended to get in my remaining 50 words after my arrival at my ma-ma’s, but my energy ran out. I am nearly falling asleep even typing this, so I will head off and attempt to get in my 1,667 words tomorrow. I’m happy with 1,611 for day 1 when I lost my entire evening. Close enough!

Daily Word Count: 1,611
Cumulative Word Count: 1,611

NaNo Day 2:

I had a feeling that today wouldn’t be too productive, but I was hoping I’d someone how find a way to fit all 1,667 words in. I woke up nice and early, before my mom and daughter. I was thrilled, but didn’t even get in an hour before my daughter was running around screaming in her I’m-7-and-have-ALL-THE-ENERGY-now-that-I’ve-slept type of way. I got in 1,126, which is close, but since my cumulative total should be 3,334 and it’s nearly 600 words less than that, I’m feeling behind.

Daily Word Count: 1,126
Cumulative Word Count: 2,737

NaNo Day 3:

As if feeling behind wasn’t enough, I was looking at my writing buddies this morning and everyone that has entered a word count is ahead of me by at least 1,000 words. One of my writing buddies is up to 12,000! (Seriously Airlia2ai?!) Today will be more driving and I’ll have to get to bed at a decent hour to get up for work in the morning.

I got in about a half hour of writing when my mom took my daughter to the playground. But then it was time to get on the road. After driving 6 hours, I did sneak in a few hours of writing, but didn’t have the energy to hit where I should be by the end of day 3–5,000 words. I’m finishing up at 4,033, which puts me 1,000 words behind. Not thrilled, but it’s not terrible, either. I knew this weekend would have me starting out behind. I’ll catch up this week, especially with my first write-in on Wednesday!

Daily Word Count: 1,296
Cumulative Word Count: 4,033

NaNo Day 4:

Best day yet! I think my body is not used to the time change, because I woke up about an hour early today. Yay for me, because I snuck in a cool 1,000 words before leaving the house. Writing over lunch didn’t happen since I had to run to the post office, but I did sit down in the evening and whip out another 1,000 words. Almost caught up to where I should be at 6,668 words. Hoping tomorrow I can take care of that extra 668 words, but it’s dance night for the daughter, so there could be complications there.

I’m feeling a little better now that when I look at my writing buddies, I’m beating a few of them. Still no where near Airlia2ai at 22,683; Arphaxad at 15,186; or KissofJudas (Rion) at 10,280; who remain my top three at the moment. Luckily, I’m highly competitive and this will spur me on to beat Them All! Bawaahaahaaaa! Seriously, though, is there no Grand Leader Board that shows top word counts for all of NaNoDom? We need this, OLL!

Daily Word Count: 2,034
Cumulative Word Count: 6,067

NaNo Day 5:

A wonderful thing happened on day 5. I got caught up! I got in my half hour in the morning, half hour at lunch, and a few hours in the evening and voila! Hit the goal for day 5 and then some. This makes me quite happy. Maybe enough to do a little dance. *spins, hops, shakes booty* And. Not only that. I’m loving the story I’m writing (kinda important, eh?) and I love where it’s going! So, all is good and happy in Denise Land. Off to dream little dreams of novel land, where the Almighty (figurative and/or literal) Pen rules and my characters are safe and sound in the strange folds of my mind.

Daily Word Count: 2,448
Cumulative Word Count: 8,515

NaNo Day 6:

I skipped my early morning writing for sleep since I was starting to feel run down, and me writing tired is no good. I skipped my lunch writing sort of by accident, but I didn’t stress since I knew I’d get in several hours later, at my first write-in. Except, I didn’t.

The write-in was a blast. I met several other amazing writerly types. I had this cool, surreal moment where I thought, I could be sitting beside the next big author, while the next huge book is being written. We discussed books and writing programs and writing, of course. Though, I maybe discussed too much. Since I skipped my usual writing sessions due to the write-in, this effectively made today my worst, but funnest day yet. Lesson learned. No breaks, no slacking! Back to catching up tomorrow!

Daily Word Count: 810
Cumulative Word Count: 9,325

NaNo Day 7:

I started out the day on track. This morning, I hit the 10,000 word mark that I should have hit last night. Then I thought, wow. 10,000 words in a week! Hey, that’s freaking AWESOME! That’s 1/5 of the way to winning and probably about 1/8 of the way to finishing the novel. But, my afternoon was full of meetings, so no lunch writing. No worries, I still have all night, right? Except I had to get the cat to the vet, then watched a webinar on blogging, and got a great idea for a blog post that I had to write right away.

Plus, my wrist is acting up. I can’t find my wristy thingy and so, bleh. I’m dealing with it, but it’s not helping. All this writing is putting me into some bad, old habits. No! I will not slouch! I will not hold my wrists at weird angles! I will follow proper ergonomic techniques!

I did write 1,300 on my blog, though. Does that count? TELL ME THAT COUNTS!! Okay, fine. It doesn’t count. Welp. Tomorrow tis Friday. And you know what that means! Write all night and all weekend. If I don’t get ahead this weekend, yell at me. Please.

I called it quits after 1,948 words, which still had me finish 400 words short for the 7-day mark. Not concerned about that and since it’s late, I decided it’s better to get sleep and get in a good day of writing tomorrow rather than push through to get my last few hundred.

Daily Word Count: 1,948
Cumulative Word Count: 11,273

3 thoughts on “NaNo Journals Week 1: Hitting the 10,000 Word Mark

  1. Hey pretty lady! Love what you’ve done with the blog, and even more on the Nano post. That poem made me laugh out loud! Adorable! I seriously can’t imagine writing that much in such a short amount of time. I can barely get a 100 words done in an hour long sitting. I can’t wait to read what you’ve accomplished at the end of Nano.

    1. Aww, you totally could do it! When you write every day and force yourself to write so many words, you build it up :) You write awesome stuff, so I know you got it in there! How’s your druid story, btw? Next year! Do it with me and Rion :) You’ll be done with your MS by then.

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