NaNoWriMo 2017: The Second 10 Days

I really hoped the next 10 days of NaNoWriMo would go better for me. But, it started out about the same as the first few days ended.

Day 11:

Still had out-of-town guests. Still sticking with that excuse.
Total Word Count = 4,349

Day 12:

Guests are gone . . . but so is my motivation.
Total Word Count = 4,349

Day 13:

Finally! Some words! Oh, don’t get too excited. Only 534 of them.
Total Word Count = 4,883

Day 14:

Tomorrow is the hallway point?! I should have 25,000 words by now, and I don’t even have 5,000?! Permission to FREAK OUT: Granted.
Total Word Count = 4,883

sheldon freaking out

Day 15:

Decided to give myself some grace. The truth is, I’m not trying to write 50,000 words in November. I’m trying to write 50,000 on top of the 30,000 (so far) that I have to write for work this month. So yeah, after busting out 4 or 5k, it’s hard to sit down and write another few thousand. On top of that, I’ve been facing some really tough things in my life, and I’ve been battling depression and anxiety, which makes it harder to do everything.

This has been my issue since I started freelancing. My writing energy gets expelled on work and my own writing is pushed aside. That’s why NaNo was so important to me this year. I needed to find a way to refocus on my own work. It’s not happening. But, I do know I can whip out 10k a day (or more) if I have to. Not trying to pull that at the end, but it’s at least helping me hold out hope.

Also, I did manage to write some words today. Not a lot. 1,008 of them. And I love that I can set a target in Scrivener and it tells me how many words per day I need to write to make it. (The NaNo site does that, too, but I like seeing it right there while I write.) It’s saying 2,819 right now. And that’s very doable. So, no reason to freak out. I got this. This year, I’ll be the tortoise rather than the hare.
And yeah, back to that grace thing. I wrote 1,008 of my own words, which isn’t fantastic, but I also wrote 4,719 for work. So, I actually wrote 5,727 words today. And that’s not bad at all.
Total Word Count = 5,891

Day 16:

Went to a write in and managed 650 words there, then finished off the night at a total of 1,489. Still way far from the target line, but I feel like I’m making consistent progress now, and I’m still at just under 3k per day to finish. Though, I also realized I’ll be traveling for five days over the holiday, which may mean limited writing time . . .
Total Word Count = 7,389

Day 17:

Even though I planned to finish my writing project for work, then dedicate a few hours to my own stuff, it didn’t happen.
Total Word Count = 7,389

Day 18:

I managed 785 words today. Starting to seriously rethink this book. The excitement isn’t there, and it’s like pulling teeth to get the words out. That’s always a bad sign. I don’t think the problem is the book itself. I really like the concept. I think it’s maybe not the right time for me to write it. I’m considering going back and finishing my novel from NaNoWriMo 2015 that I wrote 50,000 words of, but still has another 40k at least. I have to do something because the month is slipping away and 8,000 words isn’t going to cut it.
Total Word Count = 8,174


Day 19:

New plan. I’m abandoning the original book for now. I’ll get back to it later, but when I have the proper head space for it. I have two longer short story projects I’ve been putting off that are 20k each. And since I need 41,826 to finish, this should work out perfectly. It’ll be tricky to count over three projects instead of one or two, but I’ll figure it out.

With the new story going, I got in 2,002 words today and I’m starting to feel back on track. This might just be okay after all. Even with five days of travel looming ahead of me this week . . .
Total Word Count = 10,176

Day 20:

Got a notification today that my winner shirt has been shipped. Guess this means I have no choice but to finish. Otherwise, I’ll be faced with a shirt that reminds me every time I see it of my complete failure. Not really a good thing for my struggle to overcome perfectionism. So, I’ll just have to finish, simple as that. I know I can write in the car if my computer is charged (and if my husband is driving ;), so I should be able to throw down some words even while I’m traveling. I. Will. Finish!

I really wanted to at least hit the 3,600 words I need to write each day to make it. But, I ended with only 998. Progress, but not enough progress. I’m going to have to sit down and knock out at least 5k-6k tomorrow.

Total Word Count = 11,022

Still hoping your NaNo is going better than mine!

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