The Obligatory Welcome Post


It seems unavoidable to start a new blog with a welcome post. A post that greets people to the blog, perhaps that says something about what the blog will contain, and most of all, it is a post that will most certainly never be read. If you are reading this, hallelujah and congratulations! Please post a quick comment so that I know you did :)

There is a me page in the menu that contains my bio and will presumably be updated as time goes on. I am active on a bunch of social media sites—mostly Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Instagram. I post about books and writing, but also random snippets about my life. Come find me on the connect page.

I plan to talk about writing, my writing projects, my life goings on, and also to create a space for sharing and growing for other writers. It’s said that writing is a lonely business, but I know from experience, it doesn’t have to be! I will review some books, talk about what I’ve learned, maybe interview some fellow writers, and whatever other fun things I see fit to post.

Thanks for stopping by. And officially, welcome.

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