Tuesday Talks: Are Audiobooks Reading?

Do you have to see the words on the page to consider it reading, or are audiobooks reading?

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Talks: Are Audiobooks Reading?

  1. A lot of people process information better by hearing it rather than seeing it. You know when you’re reading (words on a page or screen) then your imagination takes over and creates of world for the five senses. SOme senses are more prominent than others and for most people that is sight, but for others, such as musicians, having the story told by a voice is will activate their imagination more.

    Good point about the typing thing. That’s a superb analogy.

  2. Agreed!! Some of the books I’ve read on audio book I remember slightly better than some I’ve read from paper or e-book because I can’t skim an audio file. Plus, it really can bring some variety in tone to a multiple character cast with a really talented actor. One of my favorite audio books is The Regulators by Richard Bachman. So many wonderful characters to voice and give substance to. So glad I READ audiobooks because it adds dimension to a book where there might not have been before.

  3. I happen to be in the “Hell yes!”. “Reading” is about experiencing the story/information and you still do when you listen vs. “read”. For some people, audiobooks might actually be a better way, because while they have trouble focusing on a page (or are like a friend of mine and consider stopping to read a book wasting time–don’t get me started on him), this is actually a great option. I love listening to audiobooks at work. They keep my brain engaged. And truth be told, some books I actually like better in the audio format (Tim Curry does a phenomenal job with the Series of Unfortunate Events). And I spend just as much time yelling at my audiobooks as I do my hardcopies…

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