When Books Become Movies: A Long Way Down

A Long Way Down

This movie came out a while ago, but didn’t get much attention. I’m thinking it’s because, unfortunately, it wasn’t very good. And the trailer made it look so good! I enjoyed the book, though, and reviewed it a little while back.

Book Accuracy

Sadly, there were many changes. The way their pact happened was different and the whole end was different. I didn’t think the movie ending was satisfying enough for the characters and did not go a good job of showing their growth, which was so evident in the book. Most of the key plot points were the same, however.


The characters had much of the same personality traits and they came across similar to the book, but in the movie, they didn’t have near the depth they did in the book. There was much less growth and impact by the end.


Most of this was the same as the book, but the problem with making this a movie was that the story was not in what happens, but who it happens to. The movie did a fine job of covering what they did, but not as much at why or how it affected them.

Overall Entertainment

It was meant to be a quiet movie. There are no action scenes or fantasy elements and that’s fine. But I felt like it also lacked the charm and punch that came across in the book. We didn’t get to know the characters well or really see their internal struggles.

Movie Trailer


Did you see the movie? What did you think?


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