When Books Become Movies: Ender’s Game

Ender's Game

When I read this book, I gave it 4 stars. Then, they made it into a movie. So, how does it add up?

Book Accuracy

Pretty close. There a few things missing, mainly the entire plotline between Ender’s brother and sister back on earth where they become mega political voices in secret (or something like that). Some of the battle school was lessened, and I don’t know that we really got the depth of Ender’s (abusive?) relationship with his brother, Peter. The focus of the movie was more about saving the planet than Ender specifically, like the book was. We didn’t see as much of how it all affected Ender mentally and emotionally, which was an important part of the book.


The characters came through well. Valentine was sweet, like I expected her to be. My only quibble is with Peter, like I said. He didn’t come quite as mean in the movie as he did in the book.


The plotline of the movie was shortened a bit. Mostly, it was fewer battle school scenes. In the book, these were fun, but I can see why a bunch were chopped from the movie. It helped to keep the pace of the movie going and nothing suffered because of it. That said, the plot of the movie was nice and full of action, with really very few slowed-paced scenes.

Overall Entertainment

Graphics were beautiful and I loved the grand battle scene. I also loved seeing the battle school in action. The movie showed it far better than I pictured it in my mind, and it was great to see it all in action.

Movie Trailer


Did you see the movie? What did you think?


My Review
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  • Plot
  • Overall Entertainment

2 thoughts on “When Books Become Movies: Ender’s Game

  1. While I liked the book a bit more than you, I think you hit the movie spot on. If you’re into this sort of thing,

    I think you might enjoy an audio play of it (OSC rewrote as a play). Really well done – full soundtrack, sound effects and multi-cast. Here’s so more info if interested: http://wp.me/p2XCwQ-nw My middle school kids loved it too.

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