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I gave the book 3.7 stars. Read the review here.

Book Accuracy

Really pretty close. This is a book with not a lot of plot-driven action, so I’d think that makes it a bit easier to adapt into a movie. Some of the relationships were different, like between Mia and Teddy and Mia and Kim. The relationships just weren’t as in-depth as in the book. The way Kim and Adam sneak into the ICU is different, with less flair.


The lives of Mia and her family came off just as perfect as in the book. This was something that bothered me then and still did in the movie. Her parents are cool all the time and they never seem to fight or have problems. Mia also feels a bit too mature for her age at times. The relationship between her and Teddy wasn’t as strong in the movie, which made what happens to Teddy maybe a tiny bit less dramatic. There’s a bigger focus on the relationship between Mia and Adam, and it’s the main plotline.


There was a bit more of Adam’s life in the movie, which added to his character’s plotline. It’s much clearer that he comes from a messed up family and it makes his relationship with Mia feel more important to him, especially since he might lose her. The movie was much more about her and Adam and their relationship whereas in the book, we saw more of her love for her family.

Overall Entertainment

It was still a decent movie. The way the changes were made, though, it made the decision at the end less up in the air. In the book, I honestly didn’t know which way she was going to go, but in the movie, it was pretty obvious. Since that’s really the main plotline, it killed the movie a bit for me. The final scene was more dramatic, which I liked better than the way it played out in the book.

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