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Book Accuracy

Really very close. The changed details were so minor, they’re barely worth mentioning. I think the biggest one was that Elvis as the ghost was not there, the colors of uniforms of the bowling workers were different, and the element that happens in the “secret room” of Robert Robertson’s house worked a bit differently. But otherwise, very much the same. Down to the ice cream flavors. The details of Odd’s family life and his parents were missing, aside from a brief moment in the beginning where Odd mentioned his mom being crazy.


They did a great job of making Stormy and Odd seem less strange. When I read the book, Stormy especially was almost non-believable and at times, I had a hard time believing that they were so much in love. Though they’re still a little bizarre in the movie—I mean, that’s just how they are—they were much more believable.


Since it was mostly the same as the book, it was just as good. The condensed time for the sake of the movie only heightened the tension and suspense. All the key plot points were the same and played out in the brilliantly masterful way that Koontz has of weaving his thrillers.

Overall Entertainment

Very nicely done. The CGI and special effects were beautiful, visually impressive. Loved the way the bodachs were shown and when Odd sees something in the next life. The movie was done in a way that maximized the tension and suspense so that overall, I really liked it. I don’t know why this movie got so little attention. If you liked the book, I think there’s a good chance you’ll like the movie.

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My Book Review

Here’s what I thought of the book:

Did you see the movie? What did you think?


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4 thoughts on “When Books Become Movies: Odd Thomas

  1. I enjoyed both book and movie. My only complaint about the movie is that Ozzie and Terrible Chester are missing. I know that Ozzie makes a brief appearance in the ice cream parlor but i was hoping for some Terrible Chester moments. Very nice review.

  2. I actually bought the film on DVD to watch this weekend. I really enjoyed the book, so I am happy to hear you say that fans of the book will enjoy the film. I shall look forward to settling down on my sofa with this film and a nice glass of wine!

  3. I am a huge fan of this entire series, and just finished the final book. This first book stands as one of a handful that caught me off guard made me cry in the end. So when I saw they made a movie, I was worried but curious. Then, we watched it and I was so pleased with how they told the story. Odd was perfectly unassuming, as he should be. The bodachs were exactly how I pictured them if not scarier. Seriously the entire thing was very well done. I agree with every point you made, and as a big fan of Odd and his world (he’s one of my favorite fictional characters ever) I would recommend more people watch it.

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