When Books Become Movies: The Maze Runner



Read my 3-star review of the book here.

Book Accuracy

Well… the first half of the movie was pretty close. Life in the glade was a bit different. Where the book described buildings there were just makeshift structures out of branches. They all slept in hammocks, and I think in the book, they had cots and/or slept on the ground or the floor of the main building. Little changes, but nothing major. Until about halfway through. The whole second half of the movie felt very little like the book. I can’t say much without spoilers, but the way everything happened was quite different than how it happened in the book.


Much less annoying than the book. All the major players were there and they felt very close to the book, but there was less of the glade talk slang that got old real quick when reading it. Because of the faster pace of the movie, we see less relationship building between the characters, but that almost always happen when a book becomes a movie. Overall, I was happy with the characters.


They quickened the pace for the movie, which I knew they’d have to do. A lot of the book is them figuring stuff out and in the movie, that happened faster. Some of the drama at the end of the book was decreased, but certain things were increased. The big discovery made in the book is a lot more interesting and tension-filled than in the book. In the book, I was sort of like, that’s it?

Overall Entertainment

I gave the book a 3, and the movie is about the same. It was awesome to see the maze and the grievers, and I wish there was more of that. It wasn’t the worst book-to-movie adaptation I’ve seen, but was far from the best. I’m glad I didn’t go to the theater to see it, but it’s worth renting if you liked the book. I still think I’ll read the next one in the series because of the very end. I have to know where all that is going.

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Did you see the movie? What did you think?


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2 thoughts on “When Books Become Movies: The Maze Runner

  1. Enjoyed the movie and have not read the book. You mention one of my biggest pet peeves about movies based on books: the lack of relationship building!

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